quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2012

Just to say I am alive...

I apologize for this quick post and for it to be in English, but time these days is scarce.
Christmas came and went, the rush and madness usual to someone that has in this festive season the pick in a year working load. The thing is Christmas passed but the madness stayed.
I honestly don't recall having such a busier beginning of the year.
I had decided that after Christmas I was going to have some well deserved days off. Didn't happen! Then it was after New Year. No again. Then it was going to be after inventory stock was done. Nope again. So basically I have given up on any kind of rest and since the beginning of January my nights of sleep are resumed to 3 miserable unrested hours!
I have so much to share with you here in the blog but I am afraid that when I finally have time to do it will be Easter or Christmas again!
So, without any editing here are some of my Christmas photos and decorations!
The Martha Stewart boxes had my special and secret recipe of roasted peanuts I learned to bake with my Aunt Anita. I am sworn to secrecy about this recipe and I love it that it is our secret!

The styrofoam gingerbread cupcake was a little damaged already but it still had a place in our table.

A general view of the table on Christmas Eve with all the bags and boxes ready to go to their new lucky owners! Don't they make a gorgeous gift?
Another cupcake made by Francisca fromCupcake. Since it is Styrofoam as well, I am keeeping it for next year!
Every year we take a photo of the children at our house just before we leave to have dinner on Christmas Eve. I love the fun and happiness in this photo, the first Christmas with our 4 children!

And on the first day of the year we always take this photo at our house in Guimarães. We have to take a lot of them because there is always someone looking funny or with the eyes closed. This one is my favourite because Leonor seems to be reading the sentence on the wall that is in fact a guidance in our life: Family, a journey to forever.
Happy New Year everyone and I will be back next week with more updates! Promise! Scout's honour!

2 comentários:

  1. I'll be waiting for it! Happy New Year!

  2. teresa sarmento12 janeiro, 2012

    Que família tão bonita! Beijinho grande e um ano fantástico para todos!


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