terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012


It's funny how we, and when I say we I am including myself in the bulls eye let's say, go through life saying "I don't have time for this, I don't have time for that", etc, etc and so on.
But in fact, if we really think about it for a while we will find out that if there is one thing that we have here on earth with every second that goes by and we are alive, is time.
Each tick of the clock represents a moment of time, our time, time that is at our disposal.
What we decide to do it, what we prioritize into it, what we end up doing with it, it's what grants us or not the sense of possession and control over time.
And what to do with our time begins as soon as we are little and have to decide between homework or cartoons, between writing a report or doing a card for Grandma. And as we grow by the decisions of what to use the time for become more diverse and complicated: do I prepare my class or go to the doctor, do I answer emails or develop a new design, do I dedicate it all to others or do I save some for myself.
And for me, we become "of age", not when we turn 18, but when we realize that life is all about balancing time and choosing what to do with it!
Because yes, we do have a choice. And that is for me the hardest, most difficult lesson to learn. To be honest if I had to grade myself on it I would give me a C- (3-).
So although the clock doesn't stop moving sometimes we do need to stop, to calibrate our needles, recharge the batteries, set our priorities straight, learn to say no, which is the same thing to say: choose what to do with the time that we have.
And that is a good thing! If we could take, even if only an inner trip to a Spa every month and just use three hours of our time to calibrate "our clock" we would not only be more happy but we would be more efficient. So everyone, when is your three hours of this month going to happen? Or have you already taken them? Well, I have and decided that three just wasn't even so I am taking an extra hour or two each day until I feel that I have reached my balance again. Selfish? Maybe, but from it I am certain I willcome out not only more efficient but also more happy. And that is one thing that I won't trade time for!
This Christmas for me has definitely been challenging, time wise. But in a way it has made me realize what in fact is valuable and important in my life and most of all what I want to do it.
So the issue is what to do next, what steps to make, because after you have calibrated your clock and reset the batteries to make it a good instrument of time, you need to the the other part: use it! Use your time wisely!
To visit a friend, to send a postcard, to sew a special bag for someone you love, to bake a cake for a friend, to go and have a cup of cocoa with your children, to take them out to see Christmas lights, bake cookies.....I don't know, so many things!
I have done well with my time this season I believe. I am living it with an intensity I had forgotten it was still possible and although I do not consider myself a decorator I am proud of what I have achieved at home. I have divided the spaces into more and less children wise so that way we are all happy! And it didn't come out so bad!

The Best Friends dinner is always a special day because Friendship is always worth celebrating. I love to set elaborate tables, filled with details. And these friends are worth every single bow, bird, wreath and all the time we have put into this day and all the days that lead to this one. Because investing and building a friendship is also something very time worthy. And that I know for sure!

The ants seem to love the sweets as much as my children do so we are having a very hard battle between them and me! And the bad news is, so far, they are winning!

So you see, you can turn your time into so many things! Just use it to be happy and make others happy. That way, when he seems scarce, you won't for sure regret all the time you didn't use it well for!
And because time spent dedicated to Family and Friends is the best time of all, here is one song about friendship I really love!
I know the song by heart but listen to the chorus of it......my best friends are certainly like that! And I am ever so thankful for having made time for this to happen.
To my other friends, some on the other side of the world, I hope you are having a good time this season and let you know that you are in my mind this Holiday!
Because you know, time in the end, is the best investment you can make in whatever it is you want to see succeeding!

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