quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

Sentences to live by

" Nao é o quanto fazemos, mas quanto amor colocamos no que fazemos"
Madre Teresa de Calcutá

"It is not how much we do but it is the love we put into doing them"
Mother Teresa of Calcuta

Must admit I borrowed this sentence from my "older sister" Filipa's facebook wall. I saw it a few days ago and it has been stuck in my head since then. Because this could be so much truer in our lives!
We are working mothers and wives, develop roles in local communities, are pillars of our family, are good or bad friends to this or that person but at the end of the day how much love do we put into each one of these things? How much is just simple duty and how much is love and dedication?
I am making a big poster of this sentence and hang it in my office wall! (Promise to show photo when ready!!!!)
Today I really wanted to be somewhere else but life dictated it otherwise. In the meantime my "big sister" has been doing hers and my part in the preparation of a surprise to another family member, since I cannot be there. At the end of the day you can ask if she did enough, you can question her style, her choices, every single detail of the preparation she has done but you cannot question that it was done with the most generous love possible on earth! And I will vow for that! And that is how we should all do it!
Because I couldn't do much she took over the action and I believe the result is a true demonstration of gratitude and a celebration of life. Because today we are celebrating a very special birthday: of the one I call my clone! After all we have the exact same name but I just happened to have it first although in trueness she is older than me. Very complicated!
But the life of my clone is also driven by Mother Teresa's sentence. And from my corner to her heart here goes a very special kiss and hug and all the tears that I know the three of us would end up sharing today. Tears of joy of course. But tears of Love as well. I hope you love everythiing because it was made from the heart!
In the last couple of weeks my definition of time has changed so drastically that I sometimes need to remind myself that clock's still exist. And this sentence filled my heart with an infinite joy! Because right now in my time I do so much less than before but I do it with so much love that the gratification I get for doing it really compensates anything else.
So if you are still buying or making Christmas presents remember it is not the how much that matters. If you are honoring someone's life, it probably isn't the big present she will most love, but the drawing made by her 5 year old son saying I love you Mum.
Today I mailed my Christmas cards, as I do every year. As every year I made them myself, some more simple, others more intricate. Each one was written and addressed by hand (in my awful handwriting). But again, it isn't the how much, is it? 
And what about you, have you stopped to wish Merry Christmas to anyone? To write to an old friend? Have you dedicated your days thinking what would be significant for the ones you love? Have you loved each moment passed preparing it, adding the bows and the details?
Well, I have and I must admit, it has filled me with a warmth I hadn't felt for a very long time!
So, dear "big sister" and dear clone, please have a marvellous party today, remember Mother Teresa's sentence every morning and don't forget to take lot's of photos so I can see everything!
A big hug,


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