domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2012

Mother's Day

A long time ago, I believe so long ago that I wasn't even born, Mother's Day, in Portugal, was celebrated on the 8th of December, the day consecrated to the Holly Mother.
I have no idea why this changed but the fact is that now we celebrate it on the first Sunday of May, which for me means that it is never my day as a Mother. And I don't mean this with a grudge but it is never my day because as daughter-in-law and grandaughter all those other me's come first in the celebration of this day. It is normally a stressful day of juggling lunches, teas and dinners, of making the will of so many others but never myself.
My Mother shares this same feeling so this year she decided to go back to the old days, meaning, that for her Mother's Day is on the 8th of December. And I decided to do the same.
I don't care if we are normally working on that day (that means at least we are together), I don't mind the fact that after work we go to mass, I don't mind the tiredness in the evening... but at least I don't have to juggle! It's my Day as daughter and Mother and that is more than enough!
I wanted to have written this yesterday, the day itself but time just isn't working as I plan most of the times now. Because this is a tribute to my Mother, on her day! For being the amazing woman she is, for all the times she held my hand in silence, for all the times we did not agree, for the example she has set of what family is, for the devotion and care, for being there even when I didn't want her to.
So on this non-comercial Mother's Day, a day without cards, flowers or presents, a day without feasts or dinners a day just to love and be loved, it is my time to say Thank you, to say I Love you, to say what no word could ever say but that I know she will understand.
Some years ago I made a scrapbook layout, that hangs in my walls, where there is a sentence that until this day I remember: "a family is a patchwork of love". I placed that phrase on the layout but that same bit of paper goes to me everywhere in my purse.
And being a mother is a little bit like that: is needing the ability to sometimes mend the broken pieces of each child, to combine their different personalities, to love each individual with it's own characteristics, it's knowing where to start and where to finish. It is an endless task, an endless journey of joy and pain but I am  sure that for you, as well as for me, being a Mother is the best thing I have done in my life.
I searched for a song that would be a tribute to Mothers but most were all to sad or smoshy so I decided to bring you this one. More than a song it is a prayer. More than a prayer it is a note. More than a note is a tribute. More than anything, today, Mother, I wished I could sing and dance like that for you.
Happy Mother's Day!

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