segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2013

To do or not to do lists...

I must admit I am a list person. There is actually no way I can deny it!
I make lists for everything: the supermarket, my daily tasks at work, my weekend tasks at home and so on. I have tried several ways to do it over the years and have now the perfect formula! I have different kinds of notebooks for each type of list being the supermarket one the ugliest of course!
I have a notebook at work that I fill with my what to do's and deadlines to do them, I make notes regarding each item and yes, I like to use lots of arrows in different colored pens (being Muji store pens my favorite kind).
At home I have a prettier journal I bookbinded myself with my favorite fabric and each entrance has a divider with a chipboard tag and everything.

But a list is only good enough as the amount of time it saves you. If you end up getting lost in the entries you have to make and the things that relate to each one then list making is not for you!
My one problem is that you need time to make lists and manage them and recently I have been more on the lazy side at home. So making lists of the tasks I need to make there has become a little bit harder! Besides, if one works five days a week, isn't one supposed to rest the other two?

Well, with a house with 4 children that is just not possible! And besides I love my gold stars when I finish a task I have assigned for myself! So this weekend I have finished decorating Filipe's room, I have redone Leonor's bedroom (now just the decorating needs to be finished) and I have taken down Christmas decorations so the living room is now back to it's normal status.
In the meantime and since we are at the beginning of the year I have been giving a lot of thought about the famous New Year resolutions. It's kind of mandatory to think about it and do it, isn't it? So the first thing I did was think of what I wanted this year to be, what I wanted to acomplish at a personal level (my work resolutions would fill a whole blog!).
I have finally found the answer and the title for my New year resolutions list is: Pay attention, tie loose ends and payback with love. The title itself is just imense so in terms of tasks my list is very short:
- Organize the photos digitally and make an album of the last 2 years for each child;
- Finish all my quilting and sewing projects in hand (I have 4 quilts in the making and none finished).

That's it! And to be honest I hope I can make it (so feel free to remind me if you see me getting of track). I hope I have the time and energy to do it. I hope I can balance my need for rest with my need to get the job done. I hope I do win my gold stars in the end of the year!

One of my tasks for today was redoing one of the walls in my office. Why? Because I received just the perfect Christmas gift and I had promised I would do it. And I do not like to fail my promises!
So here it is, thanks to my lovely cousins, P and F who gave me the wonderful sentence in vinyl all done and ready to apply!
It now stands in front of my desk and on the side of it I have two photos of my Family, my loved ones, my inspiration and reason for living!
My day had a list and I am really glad all the items are now ticked down with done!

Isn't this a great inspiration to live by? Better yet if, like me, you can look at it every day!
First thing tomorrow morning: make a new list for the rest of the week!

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  1. The more I list, the less I accomplish. So, I decided to make lists - just like you - in order to organize my day and not giving them as much attention as I was supposed to. And it worked!
    And your new quote is lovelly. Hope 2013 is a great one!


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