quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2013

Boxes, shelves, drawers and a break

I have told you about my New Year resolutions. Pretty basic, right? The problem is the action plan to put them in motion. You see, it is easy to decide on what you want to do but when and how you are going to do it is a different scenario.
So in order to accomplish the so desired thick (which means done) in my resolutions list, I decided that first of all I needed to organize things around the house: move things from drawers to shelves, from shelves to boxes, from a pile of not numbered and unknown things to well named files, from receipts of appliances instructions spread throughout boxes to a neat file. Simple yet arduous work.
The one happy thing about it is that I love the arranged boxes with the customized labels, each naming what's inside! Even if inside there is not much yet.....
I really find gratification in order rather than chaos. It is hard work (especially when you have 4 children and a husband that not always shares my vision about storing papers) but I really enjoy having things in their right places. And then I like to move them around and make a different decor or arrange it in a different way. The result: an endless organizing task!
Sometimes people ask me how do I find the time for this and that, how do I manage, how I still find time to come here once in a while. And the answer for that is: I have no idea! I don't know how I do it but I know that I just need to do it. I don't know how to do it differently and I know for a fact (tested, experimented and proved) that I do not like it when I don't manage it as I feel I should. And that again is me being me. Or more me at least.
So I have decided to enter a journey, provoked by the book I am reading (the Happinnes project), to get to know myself better. Start with the simple things, the things I have always liked, search my childhood memories and follow the thread to today. If I can make a list (yes, a list) of ten things I liked as a child and transport them to today, I believe I will soon be walking the rainbow road to a much happier life.
Funny enough, the first thing that comes to my mind is animation movies. I have always loved them: the hidden lesson behind the script, the music that springs out at unexpected moments, a less happy moment that always leads to happiness in the end. Because I only like movies, animated or not, that have an happy ending. For non happy endings we have everyday life so no need for more!
When my boys were younger I had the pretext to see the movies because of them but now they no longer care for them so I can't wait for my baby to grow a little more so we can start seeing Cinderela, Peter Pan and so on! I always cry in the end. Even if it is only a small tear, it always escapes my eyes!
I have so many favorite ones that my list is endless but there are two that have always remained in my heart: Beauty and the beast ( I mean, how can you not love the small tea cup?) and The Prince of Egypt. Why? No idea really but I know the songs from both movies by heart (as I do of many of others....which is a bit embarrassing). I trully feel that after seeing these movies you actually become richer, with a lighter heart and one more willing to give and do good to others. And isn't that an amazing thing to want to do, to want to achieve?
Maybe if every individual had the capacity to see these movies with a different eye, with an eye that seeks innocence, happiness and do good, the world would really be a much better space.
For all of those who have never heard about these amazing movies, here are my favorite songs from each of them. No program for this weekend yet? Well, rent the movies, bake a cake, make a good cup of tea, grab a pack of tissues and sit down to watch and learn....

Number one on my list of things I love: animation movies!

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