terça-feira, 5 de março de 2013

I was here!

While making my research today about the various movemnets of paying it forward and about the organization random acts of kindness I came across this amazing video from Beyonce at United Nations World Humanitarian day.
I have been hearing it every 5 minutes. It's amazing. Not just the video itself but again, listen to the words: "I was here, I have lived, I have loved". Isn't that what we all deserve and hope for? To live, to love and be loved in return.
Have you paid it forward today? Have you given, loved with no demand of return? Have you shouted to the world how a stranger or a friend made a difference in your day today? No?
Well, I have....this is it! Thank you all for your generous words of kindness and support, spoken or left unsaid. I was here!

1 comentário:

  1. obrigada Prima. É bonito por-nos a pensar.


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