terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

The life of a Quilt

Time today is  very little to write so forgive me all my portuguese followers but I am only writting in English today.
Once upon a time a lot of pieces of fabric lived inside my drawer, waiting to be used. So one day, I decided to use them to make a quilt: a Vintage baby quilt. So the first thing to do was cut 196 squares with 2 1/2".

Then time came to draw a grid on a solid white fabric: 15 horizontal and 15 vertical lines. Result: a very big backache!

The squares had to march to their places with a little help but after a while there they were, all ready to be sewn in place!

Sandwich time came fast: back fabric, wadding and then the famous solid white grid. To help secure it in place came a lot of pins.

The lovely Bernina was ready to sew them in to their place: 28 vertical and 28 horizontal lines stitched on top of the squares. And so, from scraps to squares, with stitched lines, straight or not, a quilt started coming to live.

 Last task: bind the quilt with a very long strip of fabric, in this case, the last pieces of fabric from this stash.
 And so a quilt is born! And there is nothing better then to use it with a very sweet baby girl, on a sunny afternoon.

The quilt now lives in another house, hopefuuly warming the feet and the heart of two loved ones on their first house. I hope that all the dedication and love put on this quilt helps them thru the good and not so good days.
But today, this post, this quilt, this passion for fabric and pretty things I dedicate to my friend Inês. Obrigada e um enorme beijo!

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  1. Lindo. Tudo. A homenagem, o quilt e as fotos. Um beijo enorme para ti.


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